Degree Girl "Tia"

I am a Degree Girl

My name is Tia Nicole Youngblood. I was given my name by my grandmother and mother. My father has not been in the picture my whole life. The only immediate family I claim is my mother, brother, deceased grandparents, 4 uncles, 6 cousins, and my new born beautiful baby nephew.

I am an African American woman born in 1996 and raised in a small town called Deridder, LA. Ever since I was young I was a kind-hearted independent person, determined to make it out of poverty. I know It sounds typical for an African American to be born into debt and that’s very sad to say, but true. I have refused to let my circumstances hold me from being great. Not only for me but for my family also. To anybody else my story might be ordinary but for me its extraordinary.

I graduated high school in 2014 as summa cum laude holding a 3.9 GPA. Went to college on a full basketball scholarship also having over $2,000 worth of academic scholarships per semester. I have won a collegiate championship in basketball at the collegiate level – ring and all. As of May 17th, 2018, I became a graduate of Northwestern State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology holding above a 3.0 GPA.

I am now a proud alumnus of NSU. I have started my career job as a State Bridge and Road Inspector; my official title being Engineering Technician 4, making a very decent wage with benefits, paid vacation and weekends off.I have been through many trials; lost a lot but gained plenty in its place. As a human being, I will always have regrets, but I have grown to learn from them and correct some. I am truly blessed and humbled for life itself, but if I stay consistent with how I’m doing with some slip-ups, of course, I am targeted to be fully out of debt by June of next year along with some of my family’s debt and my credit in the excellent portion. I don’t remember time I have known somebody with excellent credit ha-ha.

My goals coming up are to buy the car of my dreams, have great natural hair, travel the world, eat great food, and be happy. OF COURSE Spoil my little nephew! The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know a thing about. ”Johnathan Harnisch”

I am Determined, I am Empowered, I am a Go-getter, I am an Exceptionally Educated DEGREE GIRL!

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