Degree Girl "Emika"

Hello, my name is Emika Parker. I started my educational journey at Wayne State University in 2007, right after high school to complete a degree in English. My journey at Wayne State was tough and it took me a while to complete my degree. My grades were not the best and in the mist of completing my degree I found out that I was pregnant. I had a couple professors tell me that maybe I need to concentrate on my pregnancy and quit school (In so many words). Not taking their advice, I completed my degree in 2013. I had my son the same year. I then began to think about applying to grad school. My experience in undergrad did not deter my determination.

Even though I had such a hard time in undergrad, I was determined to achieve in higher education. I changed majors and realized that healthcare was where I needed to be. So my journey towards earning a Masters in Arts with a concentration in healthcare administration began in 2014. I completed the program earning a MA in healthcare administration in 2016 and I graduated with high honors. So I figured why stop there, I started my last journey to becoming a Doctor in fall 2016. I am currently in the Doctor of healthcare administration program at Capella University and will be completing that degree in fall 2019 respectively.

My journey toward success has brought about many challenges but it has all made me grow and realize that anything is possible. I am now a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, engaged to be married next year and have a five-year-old and two children from my fiancé whom I love dearly. I am an example of how no matter the situation you can do anything you put your mind to. I am a product of that and that’s why everything Degree Girl stands for is so dear to me. Determination is everything!!!

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