Degree Girl "Nicole"

My name is Nicole Smith.. I graduated with a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Herzing University- Brookfield, Wisconsin. I went to college when I was younger because I wanted to be an attorney. After some unforeseen circumstances at my university and many failed appeals, I ended up in nursing at a technical college graduating with a PN diploma. I went back to school off and on for about 6 years as a result of life's challenges, having children, and providing for my children. My breaking point was when I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, working until I couldn't see straight, not being able to see my kids grow up, and not having the opportunity to work in areas of nursing that I desired to because I didn't have the title, degree, or education required.

I decided to enroll in Herzing University and my journey was complete. Currently, I work for the VA Hospital and they have opportunities that provide scholarships for higher education. I was awarded an amazing scholarship that allowed me to go to school and work, get paid, and provided a position as an RN after graduation. I worked as an LPN for 11 years before obtaining my BSN. I did all of the things I did to put myself in a position to provide the best life possible for my children and show them that anything in life is possible. My advice to young ladies and women is the opportunities are endless if you put your mind to it, never quit, and don't allow anyone else to write your story.

Degree Girl, Nicole

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