Degree Girl "Denise"

My name is Denise Mills and I bring you greetings from Tacoma, Washington located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (PNW). Although my parents were not college educated they taught my brother and I to do what we dream and that you need an education to accomplish those dreams. My parents were very inspirational coming from two small parts of Louisiana and providing a middle-class life style for their children and the opportunity to know our family although we were thousands of miles away. Due to the importance of family my parents instilled in me combined with my longing to get to know my grandparents on a deeper level, my college education brought me back to Louisiana in which I attended Grambling State University. I enjoyed attending an HBCU, but my academic experience there was not a pleasant one. I made a host of family and friends that I still communicate with today, and I can say that it was during this journey that God molded me and prepared me to become the women I am today.

God has truly directed my life with allowing me to travel the world and upon returning to Washington complete my degrees at the University of Washington. I have come along way from attending nursing school in Louisiana, were I was told I would never be a nurse, to have graduated with my Master’s in Nursing this past December from the University of Washington.

What makes me a Degree Girl? My perseverance and determination to live my dreams! Denise Mills RN, MN

Thank You Angee and Ashley

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