Degree Girl "Toy"

Hello, My name is Montoya Thomas. I am from St. Gabriel, Louisiana. Since a little girl, I have always dreamed of going to Southern University. My dream came true Spring of 2009, I was accepted to the Southern University Agriculture and Mechanical College. My journey started fall of 2009 and it was not easy. I started off as a nursing major. After almost flunking out of school, telling my mother I wasn't sure if school was for me and discovering myself, I decided to change my major to social work. Which was one of the best decisions I had made since being in college. My grades went up, I was very interested in what I was studying, and I became confident in myself.

Now here I am today, a graduate of Southern University Spring 2015. I owe my degree to my family and friends who encouraged me along the way. They don’t know how much those talks and texts meant to me, I’m just glad I made it to the finish line to make them proud. My word of advice is to all future " Degree Girls" is to surround yourself with genuine and positive people. Lastly, always believe in yourself!


Toy Thomas

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