Degree Girl "Raqual"

My name is Raqual Badeaux. I am a life long resident in the small city of Westwego, LA. My educational journey began in 2009 with my love, culinary arts. After a few years I completed my prerequisites, in spite of some heart break and road blocks. Within those years I had lost my paternal grandmother to heart disease and then one of my dearest friends (Who died at 39) with her fourth battle with breast cancer that had metastasized to her bones. In 2012 I had to re-evaluate my major because I was unable to get a job without experience in a restaurant. The only way I could progress in the culinary arts program was to work within the industry. After some soul searching, I figured I would go into the health-care field. I always love helping people so I decided to purse a degree in the health care field. But, I had no idea which college/university, I wanted to attend; therefore I did my research and found the perfect university for me.

As a result of my search, I decided to attend Herzing University, New Orleans Campus. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Medical Office Administration in December 2014. It took a year to get my degree and I felt such an overwhelming sense of self and family while at Herzing University. After graduation I quickly re-enrolled for my Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Management. It was then when I was employed there and also had the extreme pleasure of meeting Ms. Ashley Valentine as my instructor. It took about 16 months for me to complete my degree. I graduated with my Bachelors in Healthcare Management in August 2016.

There were many times I wanted to quit especially during my capstone project, but I persevered and completed it. I cannot begin to explain how it feels to actually work within your field of study. I am now working as the office manager in a behavioral health agency for 7 months now, and I still pinch myself it doesn't feel real. I am elated to say that the person I work for is willing to monetarily invest in me so I can move up in the company.

I want all the degree girls (and the degree girls in progress) out there to know you're worth the time you're investing in yourself. Things may seem like it's never ending and beyond difficult, but know that this is just the beginning of you finding out your true potential. Keep going there is nothing like the feeling of amazing yourself with your own brilliance.

Stay platinum and live gold ladies..............

Shine on!!!


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