Degree Girl/Degree Girl in Progress "Teleshia"

Hello, My name is Teleshia Lewinson. I am originally from Palm Bay, Florida, but my family heritage is Jamaican. I choose to purse a degree as everyone in my family has a degree so it was expected. Also, any job worth having required at least a Bachelors. I was interested in Marketing as It was the concept behind any type of ad campaigns and served as the the brain behind it. I enrolled and

graduated from University of South Florida in Tampa with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, May 2014. I knew that I wanted to pursue my education; therefore I enrolled in Capella University's Graduate Program in Project Management. Project Management is a specialized leadership role where you can be involved from start to finish. It also correlates to my role as a loan processor where I manage different projects (loans) and make sure everything stays within budget. I am still currently "In Progress" and scheduled to graduate with my Masters in Project Management in February 2019.

I guess you are thinking "wow she had the perfect life". I have encountered some challenges while pursuing my degree. One of the biggest challenges was being assaulted and becoming a single mom at the age of 21. My mom was my support system during this time. She prayed, motivated me and helped me by watching my daughter so I could go to school and search for a good job with benefits to fully care for my daughter on my own. Yes, I am a "Degree Girl/Degree Girl in Progress". I embody everything that the brand stands for. I am also starting to teach my daughter Zamara the importance of education. She is a "Degree Girl in Training".


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