Degree Girl " Debra"

My name is Debra Ausbon. I am a resident of St. Gabriel, Louisiana. I am a wife and a mother of three. I am proud to announce I earned a Bachelors in Social Work from Southern University in Baton Rouge. As a high school student, I knew that education was the key. Although the road was not easy, I pressed my way through with the desire and determination within, as well as the support of my family. I know that most students will faces challenges no matter their status or back ground. It is if you have the desire and will as well as support/ encouragement that will help you through.

I, Debra Valentine Ausbon, a SMALL TOWN COUNTRY GIRL was able to defeat the odds! If you have the will, you can make a way. It is for those reasons, I wear my "Degree GIrl" Shirt with pride.

Much success to all.


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