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My name is Manuela Oye Addo. I am a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I offered Integrated Rural Art and Industry. I reside in the Capital City of Ghana, West Africa.

I encountered a lot of challenges as a woman throughout my Tertiary Education. Some of these challenges had to do with finances, health and academics. Regarding finances, I struggled a lot in buying tools and materials to execute my project works every semester. Some of the tools, materials, equipments and books were really expensive thus, making it difficult to purchase them so I ended up borrowing from friends. Also, money to rent a room for every academic year was very challenging.

Secondly, regarding my health and academics, certain health challenges I encountered made it difficult to sometimes study well. I had to re- write certain papers in a particular semester because those papers didn’t go well. Through all these challenges, I did very well in my final year and I was able to graduate successfully. It is for these reason, I wear my "Degree Girl" Shirt with pride.

Thank you.

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