Degree Girl "Racquel"

My name is Racqual Johnson. I am from Lexington, Kentucky. Currently, I am an Admission Counselor at my Alma Mater, Kentucky State University (2003). I am also a graduate student at Morehead State University working on my Masters of Arts in Adult and Higher Education with a Concentration in Counseling and Student Life. This may sound like the perfect story, but I faced challenges while pursuing my undergraduate degree.

When I think back to graduating from high school in 1997, one of my biggest fears was being on my own and adjusting to freedom as an undergraduate. It was tough for me as I put more effort into leisure activities than academics. There is always something that serves as a wake -up call. It was the year of 2001, I found out that I was pregnant with my son. My son was born in 2002 while I was in my last year of college. I knew that I had to push forward to make it happen for the both of us. On the other hand, I had to put many of my dreams on hold, but I still managed to become a member of the distinguished organization, Delta Sigma Theta in April of 2017.

In closing, I represent “Degree Girl” due to my strong determination to graduate and be a successful woman and mother. If any young lady is pregnant, do not allow it to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Remember. Determination is the key word.

Racqual Johnson

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