Degree Girl "Ronica"

My name is Ronica Valentine Stamper. I am from Carville, Louisiana. I have two sons, Raydon and Dakota Stamper. I am a recent widow. During my life, I have overcome many challenges. After graduating from Sunshine High School, I attended Spencer College and earned an Associate in Business Management in 1986. My father, Spencer Valentine Jr. played a huge role in my degree pursuit in Business. At that time, I did not have transportation; therefore my father quit his high paying job in the chemical plants and started his own landscaping business. As a result, my dad was able to take me back and forward to school. He showed me the true meaning of entrepreneurship.

After earning my degree, I married the love of my life, Donald Ray Stamper. We traveled the world and lived in many states including Rhode Island, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia. I worked as a Publishing Assistant in Greensboro, North Carolina until the company closed. Then I decided to use my degree to start a small cleaning business where I was able to work for myself. I did this for years until we moved back to Louisiana.

My second challenge came when I found out my second born son, Dakota was diagnosed with Autism. I was very devastated, but I decided that I would not give up on Dakota. I decided to take action by education myself. I decided to read books, articles, and attend conferences with my younger sister, Ashley. I am a well -known advocate for those with a special needs Dakota is one of the reasons that I changed careers. I have been working in the healthcare field for the last 10 years. I am not finished as I am still discovering my many talents such as event planning, photography, and arts/crafts. It is for all these reasons that I feel that I embody each letter of “degree” girl.

Look for Ronica Stamper, you never know, I may be a published author this year. :)

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