Degree Girl "Vickie"

Hello, I am Vickie R. Parker. I am from Spencer Oklahoma., but reside in Edmond, Oklahoma. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor (2007) and Masters (2012) in Occupational Training and Development. Some of my hobbies are reading my bible, volunteering at my church, and spending quality time with my grandkids. Some challenges that I faced while pursuing my degree are balancing a full- time job, caring for my husband, and four kids. I knew I wanted to complete my education; therefore I decided to re-organize my whole life by doing most of my school work at the student center or library. This approach allowed me to have time for school and family life. Currently, I work as a Senior Data System Specialist at Department of Defense with the Air Force. I was determined and live by the motto” go big or go home”.

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