Meet Partner, April T. Jones

of AJ's Dezigns, LLC

AJ’s DeZigns LLC is a handmade accessory company that caters to for men, women, and children. This accessory company was founded in January of 2019 by April Jones also known as AJ.  Furthermore, AJ’s DeZigns repairs broken jewelry and brings new life to pieces that have been worn. Custom requests are also taken to bring the ideas of my customers to life. I am known for my artisan creations such as specialty earrings and necklaces. I am proud of the grand customer service given to all. If an accessory break or is not quite what the patron wants, I will replace it without question.

AJ’s DeZigns LLC is a black owned business 100% owned and operated by a woman. This design company also prides itself on supporting other small businesses especially those overseen by black women. It is important to support all with the same common goal being successful, encouragement, and becoming leaders in the community.

Recently, AJ’s DeZigns LLC partnered with Degree Girls Matter a small business owned and operated by black women. These intelligent women established a network for women encouraging them to be proud of their educational accomplishments as well as boost the morale of others to follow in that path. These women also celebrate these educated women by creating ready to wear items that commemorate their accomplishments.

AJ’s DeZigns was commissioned to create a bracelet line to be apart of the accessory line for Degree Girl Matters. This line is called Degree Girls Matter by AJ’s DeZigns exclusively sold on